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Portfolio Management


*per agreement

per month

• Consultation with financial planner 

• Account executive services

• Claim settlement

• Systematic policy management

• Investment portfolio consultation

• Financial planning consultation

Special offer:

You can settle the monthly payment by autopay, or pay a discounted yearly fee of HK$550 for one agreement (e.g. HK$1,100 for two agreements per year). The charge cap of this service is $3,000.

*currency in HKD

Subscribe to our
Portfolio Management Service Plan

Prepare your documents:

Do you need to review your portfolio? Before contacting us for an initial consultation, please gather relevant documents.

(For example, portfolio report, insurance policy, latest account statement, risk assessment information, personal financial report etc.)


Schedule a consultation:

Click the WhatsApp button on the right to contact us right away! You can also send an email to to let us know if you are interested in subscribing to our monthly portfolio management service plan. 

Monthly/  Yearly payment:

After the initial consultation, you can decide the number of agreements that you would like to let us manage. You can pay monthly or yearly (with special discount) according to your subscription plan. 

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