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Personal Services

Personal Financial Information

Executive Management

We can manage your financial information, organise and maintain the validity and suitability of your contracts to enhance efficiency when you need them.

Professional Financial Strategies Consultation

Through which we will understand more about your income & expenses, assets & liabilities and their financial goals. Then, we will formulate suitable and reasonable financial plans for you.



After understanding your risk tolerance level and financial goals, we will review your portfolio and study how to reorganise it to bring greater benefits to you.

Financial Plan

Second Opinion

Many clients hold or plan to purchase savings/ critical illness/ medical insurance policies as a prudent financial strategy. We can review your portfolio and help you make clear decisions.

Annuities &

Retirement Planning

We can set up annuities and consolidate MPF accounts through active management and monitoring expected returns. Clients can be more confident that they can achieve their retirement goals.

Claims &

Individual Rights Review

If you are in doubt about the compensation for your loss, or  you think that the compensation is unreasonable,  we can review your rights and suggest claim solutions.

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Putting our customers first:

We are committed to providing customers with services of the highest quality and the most professional advices 

Service Flow


Collection of

financial information

Let us study your 

cash flow and

financial position



We would listen to

your needs and discuss

effective solutions with you


Account Management

& Review

Carry out customised 

financial plans and 

monitor your investment 


Manage your financial account and handle related documents for you


Q: Is there any hidden cost for the services you provide?

Q: How would you handle my

personal data?

Q: How can I book

a consultation?

Q: What is the minimum asset value required to purchase your services?

Q: What kind of financial information should I prepare?

Q: How often would you review my

investment performance?

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