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Family Services

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A family may encounter different circumstances and issues as it grows. It can be time-consuming to manage family wealth, insurance protection, education fund and inheritance to future generations etc. AYS can provide professional services in the most cost-effective way to families.

We've got you covered. ALL families are welcome.


You can focus on your own expertise and enjoy spending time with your loved ones without worrying about family related issues. 

Scope of Services

Family Financial Information

Executive Management

We can manage your family financial information, organise and maintain the validity and suitability of your contracts to enhance efficiency when you need them.

Will & Power

of Attorney Drafting

Our partners include professional lawyers, who can make and update wills for clients in a timely manner. They can also draft power of attorney that is legally valid.



Professional financial planners will advise clients on various ways to pass on wealth, so that your wealth can be passed on to the next generation strategically.



If clients encounter legal issues, our partners can provide legal consulting services or refer clients to professional lawyers for further assistance.

Family Protection

Affairs Office

In addition to savings, medical and critical illness protection, a family also needs to ensure that their home contents and domestic helpers are protected. We can be your family affairs office.


Protection Strategies

The health of family members is the most important. After understanding clients’ family status, we will recommend suitable medical insurance to take precautions for unpredictable diseases.

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