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Financial Planning Strategies to Achieve Your Goals


Saxon Tang

Chief Financial Consultant

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Patrick Zhang

Senior Financial Consultant


Trista Yuen

Public Relations & Marketing Executive

AYS Management was formed by a group of Financial Consultants (FC) who have over 15 years of experience in the financial field. We partner with professional lawyers and accountants who are passionate about providing comprehensive financial services with legal knowledge. We all take financial planning seriously, and prepare practical plans for our clients to reach their goals in achievable range.


We believe in quality not quantity. Financial planning concerns not only the future of customers, but also their families. Every customer should be assured of a thoughtful planning to achieve financial security and stability. Therefore, AYS has been set up to provide scientific and realistic planning to our clients.


Our service starts with a holistic account review and quality consultation with FC to understand your needs. Then, we will choose the right strategy and financial instruments to reach your goals effectively. 

Let us work with you to manage finances efficiently. Our extensive experience will bring benefits to you. You can devote yourself to your career development and spend quality time with your family.

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